Munich is renowned for its beer halls. It’s true. We took a tour. Drank our share of beer – massive…quantities.

We drank where Hitler drank, where he delivered his speeches and formed his National Socialist Party. No wonder they were such nuts, they killed all their brain cells with beer.

There is a connection between the modern and history here. Malls flow in and out of the old castles. There is certain architecture here that reminds me of something out of Disney.

75% of Munich was destroyed during the way, so it can be dubbed a “rebuilt” city. It is an absolute must to come back here for Oktoberfest! and to drink plenty from the Augustiner Brewery, which to this day, follows the purity laws strictly, and does not export their beer.

I had a great time here. Had a great smoke with Ankur and a very stereotypical looking Bavarian security guard, who thought we were hilarious. But i’m pretty sure he was just laughing at us.

Oktoberfest! – I will be coming to you.



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