There is a constant ambiance in Berlin. The stars will never shine.

The train station alone brightens the night with two impressive beams pointed skyward, removing any chance of the surrounding sky sneaking through. We only walked a strip of the city, but it was filled with historical significance. img_1347
The Brandenburg Gates whose story began with King Frederick II, whose idea sparked its construction. In later years, Napolean conquered the land and fancying its headpiece, takes it back to France. World War II left it in ruins, only to be restored in time for the Berlin wall to go up.


This is obviously my paraphrased version of a rich and detailed history.image010_9image012_11image013_12

The wall itself was erected by the East (Ost) to keep people from fleeing. Imagine for a moment someone putting a wall up around your home and telling you, you can’t leave. I imagine I would try to get out as well.image011_10

We had planned quite a bit more excursion throughout the city, but ended up beside an ice rink, and crepe stand, where we met Bjorne and Juliana, whose conversation was quite welcomed. They were home for the holidays from South Africa, Capetown specifically.

What a boisterous laugh she had.

And so, with one more chocolate crepe in our guts, we said goodbye to Marx and Engil and boarded a train to Munich.


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